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Meet your fancy schmancy host!!

Gary Joy, fun and playful host of The Casting Couch Radio Show, is a full time Actor-Writer-Director with over 25 years of experience. Based in the Chicago area, this Info-tainment show, reflects the many facets of his own career, which spans Voiceover, On Camera work, Touring Children’s Theater, Business Theater, Independent Writer, Director… oh, just gobs of things. Working as an Actor-Voiceover-Director-Producer, he’s had the opportunity to wear many hats in the biz. So, it seemed only natural he’d want to create a show that would be fun, interesting and informative. The Casting Couch Radio Show, reflects his passion for helping others, from the new entry to the experienced pro. His aim, to target strategies for improving your ability to really make a living in the business, through practical information you can really use.

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