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the Casting Couch Radio Show!

Picture a really great bulletin board or trade mag, combined with the humor and spontaneity of an interactive comedy show. That’s what you’ll get when you tune into us! Gary Joy, fun and playful host of The Casting Couch Radio Show, is an Actor-Writer-Director based in the Chicago area. He has created a fast-paced talk show, always informative, often irreverent, meant for everyone in “the business” be they actors, writers, directors, producers, crew, models… anyone involved in performance or media. This show is an informative hour, covering a wide variety of topics utilizing the experience of Special Guests in the industry, to help not only the newbie but the experienced professional reach their goals, expand their work, and truly make a great living in this often odd, but exhilarating business. Whatever the experience of the listener, be they crew members on a TV Production set, Actors interested in Voiceover, Stage or Film; Writers trying to get published, work in Corporate Writing or exploring Self Publishing; Models breaking into the business, or getting tips from the pro’s, you’ll get a dose of helpful info. From Commercials to Industrials to Theater to Film, TV and more, you’ll get tips ranging from artistic technique to marketing, networking, the latest software and even tips on taxes. This show promises to deliver on lively conversations, helpful topics, topical information, practical how to – all mixed with a healthy dose of comedy.

Our Philosophy… such as it is

Here’s the deal. No matter who the guest is, no matter what part of the business you specialize in, there are nuggets to be panned for and utilized by us all. Period. To our listeners: Every guest is your potential teacher, if not also a possible client to market to. To our guests: Every listener is a potential client, or perhaps an outsource you can help educate in regard to your needs when you do need to outsource creative talent. To all: Everyone can be of assistance to each other, without conflict. As a Special Guest, you can share your knowledge and experience with other creative people. Even if you’re a Producer creating a Documentary, and the listener is a Graphic Artist, there are common artistic and business techniques, tips, suggestions that both can use. That’s a big part of what we’re about here at the Casting Couch Radio Show. An exchange of interesting and fun information, tidbits, techniques and experiences. So, if you’re a VO Talent, or Corporate Independent Writer, and you think that you don’t have something you can learn from a guest who is a freelance Theatrical Costumer, you’re wrong. If you’re a behind the scenes Tech, and you think there’s nothing to glean from the marketing savvy of an on-the-ball Independent Producer or Animator, think again. Everything we talk about, all the guests we have, are all involved in the same basic field. Some art techniques are specific, but the problem solving, and business smarts and marketing behind it, are more similar than you may think on the surface. We can all learn a great deal from each other. Listen. Absorb the info. It’s really time for the people who focus on these creative endeavors to focus not only on technique, but the business of getting the work and working smarter. Use the information to stop living the life of the starving artist. Better yourself. Inform yourself. Use the information, and most of all, share it with others. There’s enough work for us all. That’s what this show is all about.